• WE'RE MOVING! We're relocating to a different production facility and hope to be up and running in late August 2024.
  • We're scouting the Dubuque area for a retail location to offer our baked goods during the week -- besides our presence at Farmers' Market on Saturdays.
  • We're taking a temporary break from the Farmers' Market until late August due to the relocation.
  • WE'LL KEEP YOU UPDATED as we know more.

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING! We can't wait to see everyone again!

artisanal | European | gourmet

artisanal | European | gourmet

artisanal | European | gourmet

artisanal | European | gourmet


Our Bakery Collection

Only the freshest and best ingredients go into our bakery products ... the key to flavor, texture, and quality.

Georgia Mihalakis

Owner | Artisan Baker

Georgia has often said that her baking philosophy comes from her mother, Margaret.

Georgia: "The food my mother made us as a child was simple, good, varied, and delicious. And there was always an emphasis on fresh. The saying, 'Food is medicine, and medicine is food,' was the rule in our house. We believe that the more the true flavor of the food dominates, the healthier that food will be."

"Oh, Millwork!

Georgia is the best baker in the region, and the croissants are more perfect than any I found in Provence. I am picky ... look no further!"

Alice McMahon

"I went to the Farmers Market and got a pastry with blueberries in the middle. It was beyond AMAZING! I even went back a second time to purchase more to take home with me. Would highly recommend!"

Tricia Jeanette on Facebook

"All of their goods are SO GOOD! Can’t believe we have a bakery this great in Dubuque."

John Peterson

"The best pastries, croissants, cheesecakes, and bread anywhere. Place orders via messenger or pick up fresh at ... Farmers Market."

Kate Larson

"I love your Cranberry-Walnut Bread!"

David Burrows