The Millwork Bakery Quiches

Asparagus Quiche

This deliciously delectable combination of ingredients always results in a tasteful quiche creation.

Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche

This versatile cheese pie can travel from brunch buffet to dinner table at light speed … the perfect vehicle when served with a fresh leafy green salad.

Quiche Lorraine

Smooth and creamy in its texture, eggs, Swiss cheese, and bacon are foundational for this classic cheese pie. Just add fresh fruit for a beautifully balanced breakfast or a side salad for a Noon meal or evening dinner option.

Spring Quiche

Brunches are ALWAYS that much more elegant with this quintessential quiche: Red peppers + fresh herbs + spinach + red onion. Savory and a standout selection.

Swiss-Bacon Quiche

This scrumptious quiche favorite is perfect for breakfast or brunch. [We suggest serving with a cluster of chilled grapes or other fresh fruit on the side.] But … it will have equal appeal at dinnertime!