The Millwork Bakery Breads

Cinnamon Bread / $8

Cinnamon-y and sweet.

Excellent toasted.

Flax Wheat Bread / $6

Earthy and full of healthy flax!

Excellent toasted.

Black Bran Rye Bread / $7

A sweet, dark rye with toasted bran and sunflower seeds and carob. Great for Reuben sandwiches. But ... will also take plain ham-and-cheese sandwiches with mustard to the next level!

Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread / $6

A customer favorite, with a delicate wheat flavor.

Olive Rosemary Bread / $8

A great bread with semolina flour, dried rosemary and Kalamata olives. This flavorful, savory bread is wonderful on cheese trays and with almost any meat around.

French Baguette / $3

Love a good crusty French baguette? We do, too! This kind of bread is a perfect complement to so many things! Chewy, yeasty, and oh-so good!

Cranberry Walnut Bread / $8

A sourdough bread with added wheat flour, cranberries and walnuts. Goes great with turkey or chicken. Toasted cheese with Gruyère has long been a customer favorite. You'll also want to try it as French toast!

Deli Rye Bread / $6

A light rye bread.

Excellent for ham sandwiches!

Cinnamon Raisin Bread / $8

Multi-Grain Sourdough Bread / $6

A sourdough bread with earthy overtones.

Especially good toasted with honey!